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Saturday, September 30, 2006

We're still here!

We are staying another two weeks here at Dinosaur Monument. Will be leaving Oct. 16 and will probably wander around the southwest and finally end up in Lake Havasu City by Nov. 1 at the latest. Dinosaur Monument is truly a very special place. The park encompasses over 210,000 acres and the dinosaur aspect is a very small part of what the park has to offer. On the Colorado side where we are, there are astounding canyon views and on roads into the interior of the park some of which take a 4 wheel drive vehicle on descents into beautiful valleys.
Here is a pict. that I took last week of a feature called "Split Mountain".Split Mountain"

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dinosaur Update

What a wonderful place Dinosaur Monument is. We are continuously awed by the beautiful mountain scenery. The only drawback is the remoteness. In order to get on-line we have to drive 40 miles here to Vernal, UT. Our days off are Sat., Sun., Mon. and we generally make the trip every weekend. Diesel fuel has come down to 2.99 from 3.45 when we first arrived so that helps some.Here is Teddy pointing out some of the topographical features of the park to some visitors. They have asked us to stay on into October so we might stay an extra week depending on the weather. If it turns to freezing conditions for very long though, we are out of here as I don't want to damage the water lines in the Cardinal. We had our first snow yesterday as you can see from this picture but it has now melted off except for the mountain tops.

...and here is a pict that Teddy took of ice on a cactus.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

News from Dinosaur

We are into our second week working at the Dinosaur Visitors center. Our hours are 8:30am to 4:30 pm Tue thru Fri. We can split our time any way we wish. right now, Teddy goes in at 8:30 and I relieve her at 12:30. We greet the visitors, answer questions, tell them about the geological features of the park, and show a short 12 minute film if they swo desire. Day b y day we are getting better at it.Here's Teddy hard at work.
On our days off last weekend we drove around the interior of the park park. Here are five of the hundred or so picts that we took.


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Where have we been for the past two weeks???

Today is Saturday 9/2/06
We have been traveling for the past couple of weeks so had no opportunity to update.
Here is a recap of where we have been and where we are now.

On August 17 we left Leelanau County and headed down to Manistee, MI to attend Larry’s 50th High School Anniversary. We parked in a nice park at the Casino and were joined in the park by two other classmates. Jerry Ayres and his wife camped there too as well as Fay Murphy and her friend. Jerry had made arrangements with the casino to reserve the parks shelter house for a Friday night buffet; over one hundred classmates and spouses from the MHS class of ’56 showed up. Then on the following evening, Saturday the 19th, we had a social gathering ending with a sit-down dinner at the Manistee Country Club.
It was great renewing old friendships, however I did make the remark though that “It seemed to me that I was the only one in my class to attend, everyone else having sent their parents”. But I guess that everyone else thought the same thing, especially when they last saw me in HS, I probably weighed only about 135 lbs.

On Sunday we pulled out and headed for Wisconsin and after spending the night in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Petosky, we again stopped for a visit with our RV friends Dan & Pat Martenson in Escanaba. We had a great time and stayed up until after midnight playing Mexican Train.

Monday we continued on to Appleton where we had an appointment at Appleton Camping for some minor warranty repairs scheduled for Tuesday morning. We spent 5 days in Appleton getting our RV repairs done, doing laundry, getting the truck serviced and visiting Mike & Toni. Had lunch w/Becky & Tony and were invited for dinner on two consecutive nights at the Welhouses and the Orrs.
Saturday afternoon we had our "Blessed Event" of watching our Monarch butterfly emerge from his chrysalis.
She spent about 20 minutes drying out and then we released her outdoors, so once again we are "empty nesters".

Sunday the 27 found us heading west as we had to be at Dinosaur Monument in NW Colorado by September 1 to begin our month long stint as volunteers working in the Visitors Center.
We arrived Thursday afternoon the 31st crossing Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming to get here.

At the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD Teddy met up with this guy, but lucky for me, it didn't work out.

Our boss, Sue Walter has spent the last two two days training us and taking us on an extensive tour of the park. It is spectacular with awe inspiring views. I will tell more about the park in subsiquent blogs.
Right now Teddy and I are in the public library in Vernal, Utah. About 35 miles west of Dinosaur on Rt. 40. This is the closest place that I can get on-line so probably won't be on line more than once a week. :-(.