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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Eyes Have It!

Last fall before we went west for the winter I noticed that I wasn't seeing as sharply as I was used to, particularly with my right eye. This was somewhat surprising to me because I had my glasses prescription updated just the year before and my prescription usually did not change much over a much longer period of time. "Oh well," sez I, "I'de better go in for an eye exam to get new glasses before we depart." So I made an appointment with Dr. Jodi Hummel at the Cedar Run Eye Center here in Traverse City for an exam.
Well it didn't turn out as I expected when she informed me that I needed eye surgery as I was developing cataracts in not only my right eye but the left as well, although not as advanced. But because we were leaving shortly to spend the winter in the Southwest she assured me that I could wait until this spring when we returned.
So in May after we had gotten settled in here at "The Farm" I made an appointment with Cedar Run Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Hanley for a total lens replacement in my right eye. The surgery on my right eye was done on August 3, followed on August 31 on the left eye. The good news is that there is now an improved lens implant called Crystalens that allows eye focusing with your eye muscles just as your natural lenses. Since Mother Nature saw fit to give me lenses were not focusing correctly I have been nearsighted all of my life, but with the new lenses I am not nearsighted anymore and no longer have to wear glasses. Hooray, hooray! For the first time in my life I can buy sunglasses right off the rack.
But...now here's the rub, medicare will only pay for the old fixed lenses. The new lenses come with an additional out of pocket expense of $2500 per eye that medicare will not cover. What would you do?
To me it was Hobson's choice...we forked over the additional five grand which means that we will be rag picking and eating gruel for the next year or so.  ;-)
I am still on a daily course of eyedrops but the outcome on both eyes appears to have been successful and I am now driving for the first time sans glasses.
Here is a video of actual lens implant surgery. It is a large file so unless you have a high speed connection it may take a long time to download.
Warning: Not for the faint of heart

               "I Can See Clearly Now"