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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Update to April 28, 2013

As we are no longer full-time RVing I have ceased regular blog posting.   :-(
But, I will, from time to time try and insert updates re our now settled life here on the "Pharm".
Catching up since my last post in November...we have had an entirely different winter this year ('12-'13) that our first winter here ('11-'12). This year we have had real, cold and snowy, Michigan winter, which will be a lot better for the cherry crop. Last year's early warming and subsequent freeze practically wiped out the cherries here in Northern Michigan.
I spent a lot of time reading this winter as well as tending to our assortment of bird feeders.

Last fall we added a new member to the Page household.
Nazzie (NASDAQ) our 15 lb. "Tuxedo Cat" was becoming as much a couch potato as me. And so to liven up his life we adopted a kitten from the local humane society

He is also a B&W kitty but mostly black. He came with the moniker "Ty" which we formalized to Tiberius. but still call him Ty.

This is how he looked when Teddy bought him home.

This is how he looks now.
He has now grown to almost adult size and has boundless energy. They bonded immediately and he sure keeps Nazzie on his toes. He loves to sneak up on Nazzie and leap on him for a tussle. He also drives me crazy by endlessly trying to knock things off the end table next to my recliner.

In other news, ......oh, wait, there isn't any other news. Compared to the last several years our life has suddenly become rather routine. We have adapted to it ok but I do miss going to the morning coffee & bull-s..t sessions with "the boys".

And lastly, at this point (in time) I am composing this blog entry from a hospital bed where I have been confined for the past five days with pneumonia. Complicated by my heart problems it has not been a fun thing but I am slowly progressing and looking forward to going back home to "The Farm" where I can sleep all night without someone waking me up every ten minutes to give me a pill or take my temperature.

Update to May 3: 

I was finally released from thr hospital yesterday afternoon after a 10 day stay. My lungs are now clear and free of any infection and my heart doctor is adjusting my meds to better control my atrial fib. 
Time will tell!


Vicki said...

Nothing wrong with routine at times. I bet Nazzie and Ty appreciate it. :)

Sorry to hear you're in hospital, Larry. Get well soon and back to the farm with Teddy where you belong.

Take care.

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