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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catching UP

We have been having such a good time here at Nevada Treasure that I haven't blogged recently. Several of our friends from Havasu Falls RV in Lake Havasu City have now joined us and we have been oh so busy with the  lunchon outings, winery tours, happy hours and steak Bar-B-Qs, that blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.
Lets see....first came Randy & Sandy Bratland, followed in short order by Dean & Annette Shipley. Then Don & Carol Dingman arrived, and a few days later Stan & Bev Howe. We also had a one day visit from Rich & Linda Peterkoski who are camped in Vegas. Still to come are Hank & Eva Syberden and Jim & Carol Babcock. I guess that we did a real good job of talking up this place while we were in LHC.
In fact the resort here is now giving a "Larry Page discount" to campers if they say that they are friends of us when they check in.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


As the "snowbirds" that we are, having earned the title by successfully avoiding seeing snow for the past five years, we were gobsmacked to wake to this sight Tuesday morning 3/9.
Big heavy wet flakes fell for about an hour soon covering everything with a beautiful white blanket. I rushed out to snap a few picts before it melted off. It seems that snow is a lot prettier when you know that you won't have to shovel it. I later found out that 8 miles away in the center of town it didn't snow at all. It was all gone by noon. Just another example of the unpredictability of "Mother Nature"

Friday, March 05, 2010


We are in Pahrump.
Last Monday, March 1 we hitched up the horses and moved here to Nevada Treasure RV Resort in Pahrump, NV. We were here last October & November and liked the park and area in general. Teddy has already been scouting the area for rocks. She contacted some local "Rock Hounds" and learned that opals could be found near here. She has been out twice but so far no opals ;-(.
She did, however come back with some nice photographs.

This is the area that she scouted yesterday.
That little white dot in the upper right is our truck.
(NOTE: click on photos for larger view.)

No, that is not snow.

She said that in the cliff faces there were several holes or caves similar to this.

This interesting seam of black ran right through this highway cut. No idea what it is. A little help, Laurie?

(5 days later identified as Obsidian by a local rockhound.)

Looking out from the mouth of one of the cave entrances.

Another hole in the wall!

She did come home with another bucket of rocks though.     Oh well...whatever makes her happy!        
And she gave me some bacon for breakfast this morning proving the old adage, "A happy wife makes for a good life".  (smile)