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I am a 76 year old (born 7/4/1937) retired Public Radio Engineer from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Happily married to the love of my life, Teddy (nee Teddy Schlueter). Teddy is a retired Medical Records Clerk from Theda Clark Hospital in Neenah, Wisconsin. Two children, Michael and Lon. Lon passed away in 1994. Michael is married to his wonderful wife, Toni and lives in Appleton, Wisconsin. For photos click on link below or visit our photo site http://www.flickr.com/photos/igboo NOTE: Click on photos for full-size images.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

This & That

Not much to report. My knee rehab is coming along on schedule. I now walk about inside w/o the cane but still use it outdoors. I can now do the 100 yard dash in about 3 1/2 minutes. ;-)
Teddy is working this afternoon at Deb & Fred's (sister & brother-in-law) storage facility spreading asphalt topping so I am alone & watching golf on TV. Managed to snap this pict of one of the Rubythroats that have been frequenting our feeder.

This morning Teddy came back from her walk with these wild raspberries.
She found them a couple of weeks ago and has been waiting for them to ripen.

In only four more days I'll be celebrating observing my 70th birthday. It's kinda hard to get my mind around that. I don't necessarily feel bad about it, just amazed.
We are still planning on our traditional 4th of July cookout. It'll start around noon as usual but instead of being at Calumet County Park it will be here. Those coming from Wisconsin should start out at around 4am as it takes about 8 hours to get here.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Surgery Update

Well it’s been ten days since my knee surgery by Dr. Michael J. Peters of The Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center. I’m coming along nicely (I’m told, as I have no frame of reference). I stayed in Munson Hospital in Traverse City for three days and then was discharged to The Orchard Creek Nursing Home. While there I began the daily PT regimen. They really put the hurt on you but it has to happen if you are to recover normally. I was pretty freaked out while there and could not wait to get back to the trailer…finally convincing the Dr. to let me out on Tuesday the 19th. I feel so much better psychologically just being home here in the Cardinal. I have a Physical Therapist, Kal Farrell, who comes out three times a week and puts me through a really painful session to the point that he makes you scream like a little girl. I don’t complain though as I know that I have to go through this. I like Kal but as I told Teddy, I feel like a kid that has broken the garage window…you are happy to see your Dad when he comes home but you know that you are going to be punished.
I go into Traverse this afternoon to have the staples (shown in this pict) removed. All in all I'm glad that I had it done but I'm gonna' wait a while till the memory fades before I think about doing the other one.

Monday, June 11, 2007

My %@#$^&*ing knee

Tomorrow, 6/12, I report to Munson Hospital in Traverse City to have my right knee replaced. I’ve put it off as long as I could but time has finally caught up with me. Afterward, they say that I will have to spend some time in a nursing home for rehab.
Are magnets attracted to titanium? I’m thinking that I’ll be able to stick small notes to my knee with refrigerator magnets.

In other news, last night I went out and watched the International space station pass overhead. You can find out when it passes over where you are and where to look in the sky by clicking here .

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yesterday afternoon we went for a "Sunday Drive" (on a Tuesday) and ended up in "Fishtown" in Leland. Fishtown is an assortment of old commercial fisherman buildings built along the waterfront now turned into gift shops along with numerous charter fishermen and a fish store that sells various kinds of smoked fish.
The waterfront is built along the Carp River outlet canal from Lake Leelanau into Lake Michigan. There is a small dam on the river and a large marina where it emptys into Lake Michigan.
We wandered around for a while and finally ended up buying an Ice Cream from our Niece, Johanna Schlueter who has a summer job working in the "Dam Candy Store". Johanna just completed her freshman year at Grand Valley State in Grand Rapids, MI.