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Friday, January 20, 2012

Catching Up

It seems that I have been negligent lately in keeping up with our blog. Reason being, that in May 2005 after selling our home in Appleton, Wisconsin we purchased a large 5th wheel RV, a heavy duty PU truck and began our adventure of traveling and living full-time in an RV. This blog was created shortly afterward on 1/1/2006 so that our family and friends might follow us in our travels.
Mainly because of health concerns, this spring after six years on the road we decided to discontinue full-time RVing and moved into the Schlueter family farmhouse on a cherry farm in Leelanau County Michigan. We have a life lease on the house which has been vacant since the passing of Teddy's parents.
Teddy's brother, John owns and operates the farm and lives in his own house across the road from us.
And, since we are not RVing any more, I no longer feel compelled to update the blog very often.
Life on the farm or any permeant home for that matter, although not boring, is much more static than while traveling as day to day events often repeat themselves. I will, however, make an entry every so often for the benefit of the many RV friends that we have made while traveling.

Lets see  now...where was I...oh yeah...life on the farm... or "The Farm" as we have named our newly remodeled farmhouse.
I won't go into the updating and remodeling which actually began two years ago as it has been well documented in previous blogs.
We now have obtained Michigan drivers licenses and have registered to vote so as of January 1, 2012 we are now legal Michigan residents. We still remain loyal Packer fans even though we seem to be outnumbered by Lion loyalists. Some things just have to be regarded as sacrosanct.  ;-)
This winter I have been catching up on my reading, we both read on Kindles; I logged over 60 books read last year on two different web sites for readers Shelfari and Goodreads If you are a reader I highly recommend joining a readers club. It is an excellent resource for exchanging reviews and other info with like minded readers. Teddy has also been kept busy working as a volunteer at two local different thrift stores, one in Traverse City on Mondays and one in Lake Leelanau on Thursdays.
Up to now were fortunate to have an unusually mild winter but winter has now struck in its full fury with blizzard conditions for the past two days.

Here is how "The Farm" looked when we arrived
last  May...

...and this is how it looked last week, before our current blizzard.

As for the snow, the nice thing about being retired is the fact that we don't have anywhere that we have to go to; we don't even have to walk out to the mailbox to pick-up our social security check as we have direct deposit. So let it snow, and if need be I can do most of our shopping on the internet and let UPS & FedEx do the driving. Hell, you can even buy groceries on Amazon.com.
Life in the 21st century is good!