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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monday 1/30
We left Quartszite at about 11AM And followed Rod & Sharon
for the short drive north to Lake Havasu. The last half of the drive turned out to be very scenic drive along the Colorado river. We arrived here in Lake Havasu about 1pm, went grocery shopping and then found a laundrymat & did laundry before proceeding to Dean & Emily's house. There is room for Rod & Sharon's Scamp to park in their side yard. Teddy and I Followed Dean to "Lake Havasu State Park" where we checked in. After setting up camp we went back to Dean & Emily's for dinner. Didn't get back till 8:30pm. We have a beautiful view out of our front door across the Colorado River to the Califorina mountains on the other side.

Sunday 1/29 At about 11 am we hooked-up and took the trailer down to “Sunlight Solar” for the battery and solar install.. I dropped the trailer there and then drove to a McDonald’s. They said that it would be done by 5 PM so I settled in for a long wait with coffee and book that I’m reading. Teddy, Rod & Sharon went off flea marketing which doesn’t particularly interest me. At 4:30 I went back to "Sunlight Solar" and they were just wrapping things up. I inspected the job an am well pleased. Hooked-up and went back to the free campground. Didn't unhitch because we are pulling out in the morning for Lake Havasu City where Sharon's brother, Dean,lives.

Saturday 1/28 Spent the majority of the day exploring all the flea markets here in Quartzsite. Supposidly there are about 10,000 RVers parked here for the winter. There is a wide variety of camping spots from free boondocking to full hook-up. There are dozens of both new and used RV dealers, RV repair shops, solar & wind energy sales, satellite TV sales and tents and/or stalls selling every manner of things. Folks camped here from million dollar MHs to tents and every thing in between.
I found out last night and this morning that our trailer battery is on it’s last legs. I shopped around and tomorrow we are having a new battery set-up installed, consisting of two 6V deep cycle batteries wired in series. At the same time they are going to install solar system consisting of a 125-watt panel, a controller and temperature compensator.

Friday 1/27 Up at 7am, struck camp, got hooked-up and left at 10am for Quartzsite.

Arrived here at Quartzsite at about 4pm. We met up with Sharon’s brother, Dean & Emily VanAmburg. We followed them to a free campground where the three of us are now parked side by side. Dean & Emily’s motor home, Cranson’s Scamp 5W and our Fifth Avenue.
We all went out to dinner at a little mom & pop restaurant and are now settling in for the night. Are running our Yamaha generator for our AC. Tomorrow we will explore some of the thousands of flea markets that are here.

Thursday 1/26 Went grocery shopping after lunch to restock our larder. We were invited to a potluck dinner in the evening at STI and after dinner Rod gave a PowerPoint slide show of his and Sharon’s hike across the Grand Canyon earlier this year.
Got back to our trailer about 9 pm and read until bedtime. We leave here tomorrow morning with Rod & Sharon for Quartzsite, AZ where we will meet up with Sharon’s brother and his wife who will be traveling with us down the Mexican Baja. They live about 70 miles north of here and are going back home tomorrow; we will meet up with them there in a few days.

Wed 1/25 Met with Rod & Sharon at their 10 am morning coffee break and then they gave us a tour of the Summer Translating Institute (STI) facilities where they are volunteer workers.
Spent the afternoon doing laundry and resting up from our travels.

Tue 1/24 Left Las Cruces at 10am and followed I10
into Tucson, then north to Catalina. Arrived at Catalina, AZ at 4:30 pm. Catalina is a suburb about 15 miles north of Tucson. Checked into the Wishing Well RV Park for three nights and then went out for dinner with our friends, Rod & Sharon Cranson with whom we will be traveling to Mexico with.

Mon 1/23 Overnight @ a Wal-Mart in Las Cruces, NM

Sun 1/22 385 Miles Overnight at a Wal-Mart in Kerrville, TX

Sat 1/21 543 miles Overnighted at a Wal-Mart in Lake Charles, LA

Friday 1/20 Left Sebring at 9:30 am spent night at the Flying J in Tallahassee 323 miles today,

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