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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Atrial Fibrillation

Pretty big word for what happened to me!

I was a guest of this establishment for the past couple of days. Wednesday evening at about 11:30 pm my little ol' heart started to go pitty-pat. It's a heck of a weird feeling and a little scary but I had it once before a couple of years ago and it cleared up after a few moments. However, this time it didn't seem to quit and my pulse shot up to around 130. Over Teddy's protestations I decided to go to bed in the hope that it would pass by morning. But...by 1:30 it was getting worse and I was developing pain in my left arm and shoulder so I gave in and decided to drive to the local hospital. They soon got me stabilized but decided to admit me. So, I got me a Doctor and he got me another Doctor who was a heart guy and I got hooked up to all of the expensive machines that the hospital had. There was a machine that went "pingg", another one that showed wiggly lines on a TV and a big machine that sucked me inside and than slowly spun around me. Needless to say I was very impressed as I like electronic gadgets. Oh yah, there also was a nurse that would wait till I was sleeping and then come into my room and give me a shot in my belly; I didn't object though 'cause she was a pretty good looker. BUT...then...on Friday morning the fun stopped when they made me walk very fast on a treadmill till I was so out of breath that I could barely stand. Then they sent me back to my room while they all stood around and talked about me. That afternoon my first doctor came by and told that they couldn't find anything wrong and for me to go home as they couldn't afford to feed me anymore.
So...here I am, back at the RV park. Everything is back to normal EXCEPT now Teddy says I have to go on some crazy diet that she found in a book store. BUMMER

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