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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


On the way from Cheyanne to our next stop at Chadrin, Nebraska we just had to stop and see
"Carhenge" at Alliance Nebraska.
Carhenge was erected in the middle of a dusty field by six local families during a reunion in 1987 and was erected to replicate Englands Stonehenge. Teddy at Carhenge.

The cars have since been painted a uniform grey to make the monument even more striking.
There was a time when the residents of Alliance, wanted to tear down Carhenge and the Nebraska Department of Highways wanted to label it a "junkyard" and build a big fence around it. Not any more! Now signs on the outskirts of town proudly identify Alliance as the "Home of Carhenge" as does the sign in front of the local Best Western. A gift shop down the road proclaims, "We sell Carhenge souvenirs."
According to the Carhenge's self-appointed caretaker, only about 40% of the people who visit know about the original Stonehenge. "We get a lot of remarks like, 'What the hell is this?' in our comments box," he sighs. "But the people come from all over just the same."
In the wake of Carhenge, anything goes, as evidenced by the first refriegerator Stonehenge under construction in northwest Santa Fe, NM. About 200 refrigerators are arranged in a dusty field as Stonefridge. The explanatory sketch on the fence reads: "From the Stone Age to the Appliance Age." It appears to be partly completed; the array of refrigerators will be stacked and combined into full size monoliths, with cross pieces, and astronomically configured. The artist, Adam Jonas Horowitz, is creating a "monument to consumerism," though he's been at since at least 1996, stymied at points by need for city approval and structural safeguards.

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Kit Benson said...

Love it, Larry! We've got to stop and see this the next time we are passing that way! The refrigerator one sounds pretty cool, too! Morgan and his kids saw the real Stonehenge - we've sent them your pictures as we think they'll get a charge out of this state side version!