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Monday, March 19, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

There's a man that every Irishman adores
who drove the snakes from Ireland's shores
His memory garners much acclaim
St. Patrick was the fellers name

He drove Ireland's snakes away
At least, that's what some folks say
And when he preached to his Irish flock
He wore a green shamrock on his frock

It states in every history archive
that he was born in the year three eighty five
And finally when his work was done
He died March seventeen four sixty one

So every year on March seventeen
We honor his memory with Irish cuisine
From this moment on, You are forewarned
By eating cabbage that's boiled...& beef that's corned.

And add to that a tater or two
Or maybe a bowl of Irish stew
Top it all off with a pint'o green beer
And you've honored St. Pat for another year.

So raise your cup and shout it right out
"erin go bragh" is what it’s about.
And ‘till next year when we next convene,
You’ll honor the man by wearin’ the green.

Last evening the park sponsored a Saint Patricks day corned beef & cabbage buffet dinner. We had corned beef & cabbage accompanied by boiled carrots & onions all paid for from our breakfast profits and park residents also bought various buffett dishes. Teddy bought a green cake decorated with white frosting topped with green shredded coconut.
I read the above poem to the assemblage. which I had written for the occasion.
After the 'eaten was done we were entertained with a parody of the "Family Fued" TV game show. Gail Bristow from Wetaskiwin, Alberta played the Richard Dawson part. There were two six person Irish "familys", an orange family and a green family, chosen from the park residents. I ended up on the green team.

Hands on your buzzers.

Orange team huddle.

My team won and was presented woth a huge mystery box present.
Which turned out to be a peck of Irish Potatoes.

It was a fun evening and everyone had a good time.

Lenny & Marian Styczynski from Green Bay, WI sure seemed to enjoy it.

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