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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stupidest thing I've done since RVing (well one of them)

In our Cardinal 34TS Fifth wheel there isn't a good place to hang your bath towel after showering so I decided that I needed to install a towel bar somewhere. However there wasn't a good place large enough except on the shower door itself. Knowing that it wasn't feasible to try and drill holes through tempered safety glass I abandoned the idea. But upon discussing my predicament with my fellow RV snowbird friends over morning coffee they were all of the opinion that the "glass" was not glass at all but hardened acrylic as glass was surely too heavy to install in an RV. So upon further examination (finger tapping etc.) I became convinced that they were indeed right. I then ordered, on line, a $55 shower door towel bar which was delivered by our friendly UPS man yesterday afternoon.
I happily got my drill, bits, & tool box from the RV basement an headed up to the bedroom. As I began to drill a mounting hole in the proper position, I thought to myself, "Wow! This hardened acrylic is really hard". After about a minute or so of steady drilling I decided that I should give the drill a rest. Now here's where the story gets real nasty! As soon as I released pressure on the drill and was drawing it back from the door...POW...instant crazing of the entire door into tiny glass pieces. Obviously, it was indeed tempered glass. I've since checked on the internet and these doors cost in the neighborhood of 6 to 8 hundred dollars. Ouch!!
And needless to say, I'm not too popular with Teddy right now. She had to clean up all the glass...as I was too busy trying to drink up all of my scotch..so now I'm also out of scotch and I have a headache. Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up in the morning!
On the plus side, the boys at coffee this morning got a good laugh!


Click on pict for fullsize image.
You can actually see the "epicenter" midway up the right side.

Glass everywhere!

In the words of Frank Barrone from, "Everybody Loves Raymond"


JargonTalk said...

Tempered glass? Do hope that you replaced it with Lexan or some form of hardened acrylic!

Larry said...

That is my intention. ;-)