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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stupidest thing (Part II)

My brother, Lyle sent me this email suggesting other "stupid mistakes" I've made in the past and suggested that I add them to the blog. So at the risk of further humiliation, here is his email:

I think you should update your blog with other things you have done while RVing.

1. Showing off on your Segway and breaking your arm with 3 operations and numerous $600 trips to hospitals around the country.
2. Dropping your 5th wheel on the siderails of your pickup.
3. Backing into your 5th wheel and cracking the plastic siding after you picked the 5th wheel off the siderails. See #2
4. Destroying your pickup tailgate by having it up and driving off with your 5th wheel unhooked.
5. Driving under a tree and punching a hole in the roof of your RV.
6. Looking out your window and watching a gun fight, not taking cover, in Pahrump NV.

These are just a few things I can recall off the top of my head ! ! ! ! ! I'm sure there are may other things that you have not shared with us and also things I don't remember. The shower door was nothing compared to this list.......

With love,

Now in my defense, some of these I've already blogged about
See blogs of: 5/2/07; (4/25, 5/1, 5/13, 5/30, & 8/28)08; & 10/1/08
The tailgate incident (#4) was in '05 before I started the blog and #s 2 & 3 were when we were preparing to leave Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado where we hosted as volunteers in the visitors center from Sept. 1 to Oct. 15, 2006. It happened as were were leaving and was actually caused by a problem with hooking to our hitch. ;-(

Now that I have my tail tucked firmly between my legs, I must say that there have been several brilliant things that I have accomplished through the years and someday I'll list some of those in a subsequent blog. ;-)

Oh! I almost forgot. Notice that Lyle still says "Love" at the end of his message. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :-)))

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