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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Ten things I like starting with the letter “C”

Deedee from “adventures on dumbar street” gave me the letter "C" I was to post on my blog ten things I love starting with my letter. If you would like to join in - just leave me a comment and I will send you "your" letter through a comment on your page. Have fun!

1. Computers: Technophile that I am, my computer is one of my favorite possessions.
2. Cookies: Teddy makes ‘em and I eats ‘em
3. Cutty-Sark Scotch: I also enjoy Grant's, & Ballantine blended Scotchs and if I’m feeling rich Knockando single malt is a pretty good choice.
4. Cats: We have always had a cat as a member of our family and our current cat is named NASDAQ, we call him Nazzie. He spends most evenings laying on my lap, purring loudly.
5. Canada: We have many friends from our neighbor to the north.
6. Cardinal: Our Cardinal trailer is our fulltime RV home.
7. Coffee: Must have my morning coffee.
8. Cheese: Being from Wisconsin, I consider cheese to be one of the seven basic food groups.
9. Cap: My Greek fisherman’s cap is my personal trademark. Without it no-one would recognize me.
10. Cuddle: I can’t get along without an occasional cuddle with my honey & life partner, Teddy.


deedee said...

"C" Cool post :)

Frank Baker said...

A great post, but what happened to Chocolate?

Larry said...

Ahhh...My wife, Teddy said the same thing, my reply was that the chocolate was in the cookies. ;-)

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a great post and so did you attend the Quartzite Rally? We were there last yr for a month, but decided that we didn't want to travel this winter in Jan. glad we didn't either as we had a lot of snow
Like your little invention too although i doubt we would very play as hubby is not into games. I suppose that if we were fulltiming it we might. Have rv friends all over AZ right now.
ever get to Oregon come look us up