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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home Improvements (floor project)

We have often thought of replacing the carpet in the Cardinal with a hard surface floor. Carpet is fine for occasional use RVers but for we fulltimers it can be a real nuisance trying to keep it clean. We have met other RVers who have replaced their carpet with "Pergo" or a similar wood floor laminate with good results. Our only concern was if the slides would mar the floor. I called Forest River, the manufacturer of our Cardinal, and they assured me that there would be no problem as long as the new flooring wasn't thicker than the carpet. I had also previously noted that there didn't seem to be any track marks on the carpet after extending the slides. So armed with this information I began researching alternative flooring ideas and discovered Allure flooring sold by Home Depot. On Thursday the 10th my friend, Hank Syberden and I visited the local Home Depot and were both impressed with the product. So on Friday afternoon in view of the fact that Hank volunteered to help with the install, we bit the proverbial bullet and I returned to the store to purchase the flooring.

By the time I returned Teddy had most of the carpet torn out...

...and was working on the kitchen vinyl.

We decided to start in the Cardinal's rear living room and work our way forward toward the Kitchen.

By six PM we were about halfway done and decided to quit for the day.

The following day (Saturday) we attacked the floor again with renewed gusto and by noon were well into the kitchen.
Here is Hank on his beleaguered knees trimming another piece.

Almost done!

Although the directions said that it was not necessary except in commercial applications, we decided to roll the floor for better adhesion.

Here is Teddy wielding the 100 lb. roller like a professional.

So two days later, here it is all done except for some molding.
Teddy and I are quite pleased with the appearance and no more carpet cleaning.
We owe a big, big thanks to Hank Syberden for his help. My poor knees and flabby body make it difficult to get down to floor level and Hanks help was a godsend.

Hmmm...now...what project can I start on next? ;-)


deedee said...

I love it - it looks great!

readontheroad said...

Looks fantastic! I would like to do that for our 30' Carriage Cameo someday.

Anonymous said...

Did you use it on the step as well? If so, did you glue it down?

Larry said...

We did not use it on the step. Instead we finished the step where the carpet was with plywood which we stained to match and covered the tread with a rubberized stair tread which in our opinion was much more practicable.

Caryn said...

What did you use to hold the trim pieces down? Do they get glued or nailed? thanks- looks great!

Larry & Teddy said...

1/4 round molding glued to wall only, letting the floating floor to expand & contract freely.