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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last Friday, May 8, Teddy and I visited the small resort town of Sisters, Oregon. Sisters is located about 20 miles east of Bend and is apparently named after the three mountain peaks known as The Three Sisters which lie midway between Bend & Sisters. We left Bend on Rt. 20 which connects the two cities and as we were leaving Bend we were gobsmacked with this awesome view of Mt. Jefferson through our front windscreen.
Then as the road twisted and turned we were treated alternately with views of

Black Butte to the South of Mt. Jefferson...

...and further south the aforementioned Three Sisters.
That's South Sister to the left, then Middle Sister and North Sister on the right.
The Three Sisters and their neighbors to the north are mentioned in some of Oregon's earliest history. It is not known who first used the name Three Sisters to describe these peaks. In the early days they were often referred to as Faith, Hope, and Charity, starting from the north. These names, however did not prevail.
Lieutenant H.L. Abbot of the Pacific Railroad Surveys wrote of this view of the Three Sisters in his journal on September 4, 1855: "This morning, after riding a few miles, we emerged from the forest, and traversed an elevated plateau, dotted with cedars [junipers] and sage bushes...The air was uncommonly clear and pure...The snowy peaks of the Three Sisters appeared quite near."

After stopping for these photos we continued on to Sisters where we browsed several of the tourist gift shops and I snapped this photo of "Bronco Billy's" formerly known as the "Hotel Sisters", purported to be one of the most photographed buildings in Central Oregon.I was also able to capture a photo of this fierce looking desperado peering out from behind the bars of the local jail.


Winifred said...

They are great photos. Wonderful mountain scenes.

Did you post her bail?

Larry said...

I had to bail her out, otherwise i wouldn't know what pills to take every morning. ;-)

deedee said...

That's beautiful country up there! Hope the bail wasn't too much :)