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Monday, April 19, 2010

Life in Pahrump

We have been enjoying beautiful spring weather here in Pahrump for the past few weeks. I've been using the spa & sauna in the fitness center alternating with the swimming pools, reading on my Kindle and socializing with our RV friends. Several of our friends from the Havasu Falls RV Resort followed us here to Pahrump and it has been fun having them here. They have all moved on now to their respective summer homes and we will be pulling out next Monday for our trip back to Michigan for the summer.
The last to leave were Hank and Eva Syberden from Cochran, Alberta who left this morning. Eva and Teddy share an interest in geology and Hank is a retired television engineer so we also have common interests in technology. Last Wednesday the four of us took a day trip to the old "ghost town" of Rhyolite, Nevada. Rhyolite is about 50 miles Northwest of here on the Eastern edge of Death Valley.
According to a volunteer host that we met there, in the early part of the last century it was once the third largest city in Nevada, teeming with people and homes, two banks and a railway station all supported by a gold mining operation that failed in the big market crash of the 20s. All that remains now are a few crumbling foundations, a preserved home made with glass bottles for walls, the aging railway depot and several standing building ruins including two large concrete edifices that are the remains of the two banks.

The Cook Bank, Rhyolite, NV

The old RR Station

The Bottle House

Standing at the entrance to the town is an odd collections of sculptures apparently put there by a frustrated  artist looking for a place to exhibit his art.

This strange collection of
ghostlike figures was titled
"The Last Supper"

And here Teddy seeks protection
from one of the "Disciples".

While I relax on this
giant ceramic couch.

We had a lot of fun and of course being "rockhounds", Teddy and Eva managed to bring back several pounds of rocks that they collected.  ;-)


NORMANS on the HORIZON said...

Hi Larry, Just got home, Concord, CA, and found you comment and checked into your blog. Nice talking with you and maybe see you on the road.

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P.S. Never made it out to Rhyolite, but have always wanted to go. So many Post-Apocalyptic movies have been filmed out there!

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Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Love the sofa! We are new followers via RV There Yet. Our blog is Celebrating 20.