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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lake Havasu City

We are in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. On December 1 we pulled up stakes and migrated down here to Lake Havasu City. Night temperatures were getting a bit too chilly for our "snowbird" taste. Lake Havasu is about 200 miles further South and more importantly about 2000 feet lower in altitude. That makes for about 10 degrees of temperature on the average.
We were warmly greeted with hugs & kisses by all of our fellow Havasu RVer friends from previous years that were already here, however several of our friends also wait till after Christmas before coming on down from the Northern climes.
Since arriving we have been busy visiting with old friends and Teddy is still working on refinishing her table. She has re-stained all of the parts and has just finished applying the third coat of poluurethane varnish. I think that it will look good in our summer home at "The Farm". She has also renewed her membership in a local rock & gem society and has been going with them on geological field trips every Saturday morning,
I have rejoined my fellow early risers for our morning coffee bull session every morning from 5:30 to 7:30 am. I know that it sounds nuts but there are about ten or twelve of us that show up and we always have a jolly good time swapping lies and solving all the problems of western civilization.  ;-)


Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

If I got up at 0530, I would definitely need lots of coffee. However, it does sound like fun!

Larry & Teddy said...

We do drink a lot of coffee. ;-)

pidge said...

What RV Park are you staying in? What kind of ammenities do you have, and how much is it for a month? We have thought about coming up there and would like an idea of how much they charge. Thanks for the info, Pidge :)

Hairog said...

Any room at the in. I'm staying up north until Xmas and then looking for warmer climes. I would love to see you two again.

I'm currently in Devils Den State Park, AS and it was 15 here last night. Somehow I've kept warm in my little Casita.

Anonymous said...

Hairog = Harry Kellogg Don't know why it says Hairog.