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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Just about everybody that RVs joins the "Good Sam's Club"The Good Sam Club is an international community of RV owners. Its stated primary goals are to make RVing safer and more enjoyable, and to save members money through club-endorsed benefits and services. It claims over a million members. The Good Sam Club is currently owned by the Affinity Group Inc., which also owns Trailer Life Publications, Motor Home Publications, Camping World and Woodalls RV park directories. Members also receive discounts at affiliated RV parks.
Many Good Sam members have formed smaller regional clubs or "Chapters" of like inclined members to share camping outings and social gatherings. These regional chapters then periodically host large "Samborees" where members of various chapters and members at large get together for a mass themed rallies usually lasting from three or more days. We had never attended a Samboree but noticed in the monthly Good Sams magazine, "Highways" that there was to be one at Nevada Treasure March 10 thru 12. Since we were going to be there anyway we decided to attend.
Starting Wednesday the 9th the park started to fill up and by Thursday afternoon the park was full with overflow parking regulated to a dry camp area specially created by the park.
A huge tent was erected in the parking lot and many of the activities were held there such as opening & closing ceremonies,

morning coffee & rolls, 
(here Teddy and our good friend Eva Syberden enjoy their morning coffee)

and a catered breakfast & dinner on Saturday. 

There were game and card tournaments, a pet parade, golf outings etc. 

The park has a large convention center and it was filled with various vendors including "waterless cookware", name badges, clothing, flags, books, RV accessories, and tour companies.

The theme was "Pirates of Paradise at Pahrump".

Saturday afternoon there was pirate costume judging at the pool area 

several of the pirates forced the host chapter president to"walk the plank"

We had a great time and will probably attend another Samboree in the future if opportunity permits.


Handmade Crafts Done While RVing said...

Oh gosh the water - we've been at such a high elevation we haven't been in a pool for 2 years. Currently we are in Rufus, OR (sea level) till May 18th and then head to ID for the summer and for sure we'll be hitting the pool. Stop by and say hello. I am Evielynne and my husband is George.

Bob West said...

Very Interesting blog. I am now a follower. I thought you might want to check out Paradox Principles as well.
All the best, Bob West