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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine Party

On Friday night we had a Valentine Dinner followed by a basket auction to raise money for our activities fund. As you can see from the picts, it was also crazy costume dress-up night so I wore my kilt. For the auction we went around to various merchants here in Lake Havasu City (RV dealers, restaurants etc.) and got them to contribute donations; most of us residents also donated items which we made up into baskets. One of the snowbirds here, Gary Clark from BC, acted as the auctioneer. In the end we raised over $900 which we will use for dinners, entertainment evenings, etc.

I had written a little poem which I read at the Christmas dinner and I was again asked to write one for Valentines.

Valentine's Day at Havasu

Well.. once again we're gathered here,
full of love and holiday cheer.
This time it's in the name of love
to honor those we think the most of.

"Love?", you say, "What's the reason,
That love should occupy this season?”
Valentine's the reason why;
Not Gayle or Ray, but the Sainted guy.

Once more we get to drink and dine
on tasty treats and red red wine
Spread upon a big buffet
are salads, meats, and egg souffle

The desert table's piled high
with chocolate cakes and Babcock's pie,
cookies, puddings, candied sweets,
fluffed up jello, whipped cream treats.

The tables all are decorated
with things the ladies have created
balloons and little candy hearts
for the lovely ladies and their old farts

So sit right down and raise your glass
and drink a toast to your lad or lass
And one more thing, I must insist
Now, give your lover a big fat kiss.

Now they want one for St. Pat's day, apparently I have become "poet laureate" of the Havasu Falls RV Resort.

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