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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

In the words of Charlie Brown, "AARRRGGGG!"

Well…it turned out that my optimism on the speed of my recovery was unfounded. I thought that I was progressing nicely, my pain level had leveled off to a tolerable level and I was looking forward to my appointment with my Ortho Doc in TC on May 8. But unbeknownst to me things weren’t going so good inside my arm. It had continued to bleed out internally and again formed a large hematoma inside the wound resulting with me suddenly waking with excruciating pain on Monday morning May 5th and a 4am trip to Munson emergency in Traverse City. It held till we arrived but while sitting in an examining room it suddenly started spewing blood. They stemmed the blood flow w/a tourniquet, hopped me up on silly drugs and called in an Ortho Doc. So on Tuesday, May 6th, I went under the knife for the third time in less than a month.
In evaluating my condition the doctors now agreed that the culprit was the Coumadin that I take for my a-fib. So with me agreeing to accept the slightly higher risk of stroke I was taken off the Coumadin for a while. I was discharged from the hospital on Friday the 9th. Today is Tuesday and I feel pretty good so far. I saw yet another doctor yesterday in order to establish a local family physician and she wants me to go back on the Coumadin which we refused. I think that it is just a CYA move on her part in case I should have a stroke. So now they have set me up with an appointment with a cardiologist for tomorrow. And I have an appointment on May 19 with the orthopedic doctor that did my third arm surgery.
It appears that I am single handedly supporting half the medical community from here to Utah.
I am, however assured that my bones are knitting, it’s just the flesh that doesn’t want to heal. In other words, "The flesh is weak but the bones are strong."

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