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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My left knee

Well I had to take some time off of my remodeling activities and check into the  Munson Medical Center here in Traverse City to get my left knee replaced. , "Take some time off", isn't exactly right as the remodeling is continuing right along without my valuable assistance.
But I digress, my knee has been progressively getting worse since I had the other knee done three years ago. The doctors then said that I should have the other one replaced as well so I think that I did well holding out this long. As my friends in Lake Havasu will attest it was giving me a lot of trouble while we were there last winter. The reason for the procrastination is that although the surgery isn't so bad, the therapy afterward is quite a long ordeal. The surgery was two weeks ago on Tuesday June 1st. and I am coming along quite nicely. This time my surgeon was Dr. Andrew S. Boyce from the same clinic as Dr. Peters who did the other knee. I now have a hospital therapist, Rod Ranger that comes out to the farm three times a week and puts me through a regimen of exercises to get the knee moving again. I am now to the point that I can walk without the walker, using only the cane and can bend the knee about 80 degrees; my goal is 110 degrees which I finally reached on the other knee. I had the staples out last Friday and the scar already looks better than the other one looked at this stage.
Meanwhile, the rehabbing of the farmhouse is coming along quite nicely. We decided to go ahead and gut the whole kitchen and replace it with a modern kitchen. Our builder/contractor, Gerard Belanger has been hard at it and as of now the entire kitchen is down to the bare walls with new cabinetry set to arrive around June 25th. We have already purchased a new refrigerator, range and microwave but are cooking on a hotplate. The fridge is temporarily sitting in the dining room, plugged in and running.

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